When All Else Fails, Try Cleaning and Organizing

I have been searching for my paper bead tote, as well as my puppet making stuff.  I couldn’t find either.

Our youngest son is gone to the lake with his girlfriend and her family for the week.  I decided to use this opportunity to clear out my work room and re-organize, recycle, repurpose and, finally, get rid of everything that is cluttering up my life and my space.

Dear Son’s bedroom and part of the family room are in close proximity to my workroom.  With son gone, I can fill up the hallway, family room and part of his bedroom with my stuff, and go through everything before it goes back into the workroom.  Since it’s easier to start with an empty space and refill it, rather than just moving things around all the time.

I began in the familyroom and emptied totes, cleared out furniture, removed any thing that belonged somewhere else in the house, dumped 8 large bags of junk and several cardboard boxes filled with more useless stuff.  That was day one.

Day two:  I began to empty my workroom.  Now that I had more space in the familyroom, I started hauling stuff out.  I have boxes, shelves, totes, storage units, laundry baskets, cardboard boxes-you name it, I’ve filled it with stuff and moved it out of here.  I changed the location of my most used items, cleared the table beside my work table and then moved everything on my worktable over to the side table.

The most important, used constantly, stuff from my worktable was moved to the side table in front of the computer.  This area held a 5 drawer storage unit, a 3 drawer storage unit and all my 12 x 12 plastic storage totes which hold card stock, patterned papers, and current projects.

Here are a couple before and after pictures of my desk area.


Desk area before cleaning and organization.

This is only one small part of my cleaning and organizing.  However, I was suffering from shrinking desk syndrome.  My work space was becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day.  I need space to work, think, breathe.  I had none of that.

I found a set of 7 off-white grommet-style curtains at Goodwill, after I left the Secretary of State office, and they will hang in front of my bookcases and on both sides of my loveseat.  This will cover up the stuff on the shelves and in the rolling storage units, giving the space some desperately needed white space.  My eyes cannot rest in here.  There is just to much “stuff” and no empty space at all.  It may make the place look smaller with the curtains hanging there but I really doubt it.  I think having the blank space all around me will greatly improve my creativity, as I will have a clutter-free environment in which to create.

And since the curtains have grommets, it will only require a simple PVC pipe to thread them through.  They will move very easily and I can easily pull them back to see what is on the bookcases and in the storage units.  I’m so excited I found these curtains!  For seven panels it was 20 bucks.  I didn’t think that was to bad, given the cost of new ones.  And my other option was to make them myself, which I have no intention of doing.  I despise sewing with all my heart.



Which brings me to my next post:  Puppets.

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