Puppets, puppets everywhere!

My current project:  Puppets.

I made (sewed) 5 hand and mouth puppets this morning, with four more to go.  That is the number of kids in the show.  Of course, since I picked a show with 12 characters in it, I have more puppets to create.  I will be working the extra characters while my student helper will read the story.

Narrator = no puppet required.

Some of the puppets have turned out just darling.  Some I’m not crazy about.  Nevertheless, the kids will love them all.  They all have their hearts set on a marionette.  These are complicated to build.  I came up with a solution to the issues I am facing.

Begin with beanie babies.

These are small, easily manipulable, should be easy to string.  I have a case of paint sticks which I will use as the controllers.  This way each child will have their own marionette, as well as: their hand, mouth and rod puppets, the finger puppets, the stick puppets, the sock puppets, the shadow puppets, the hand-or glove-puppets, and the multi-finger puppets.

I have had the students for two days, an hour each day.  So far we have made 5 different and distinct types of puppets, we went over the script and became familiar with the props each will use in the story.  I have to say, I have kicked butt on the puppet making front!

It’s so great to see the kids responding to the puppets.  They have really loved making them and are practicing with their hand (glove) puppets at home over the weekend.  We will have a bit of a discussion with the audience before the performance to let them know what the kids have been learning and making during camp.  I think it’s fantastic the kids have shown such an interest in puppetry.  I think I will have a lesson on the puppets they see in movies and on T.V.  How the use of animatronics is a huge thing in cinema.  That sort of thing.  They are clearly interested in the subject, lets give them some real information on the arts and sciences aspect of theatre.


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