Puppetry and Theatre Camp

I am teaching puppetry to children during our summer theatre camp.  Since the camp was my idea while I was on the board of directors for Saugatuck Civic Theatre, and even though I have resigned from that board, I feel I have an obligation to the kids to participate with the camp. Which is why I’m teaching puppetry.

Fortunately I was able to find a charming little story, with enough characters, which the kids will be acting out on stage.  They will not be saying the lines, because I think manipulating the puppets will be quite enough for them.  The story will be narrated, the kids will use both their puppets and their props, and the whole thing should run about 10 minutes.

Puppetry covers a wide range of options and possibilities.  Yesterday, we made a simple hand (or glove) puppet from felt.  We decorated them with fun foam.  The students were able to take their puppets home if they were finished with them.

Most were not.  I will be arriving early tomorrow to glue them all together.  I did measure the kids for their hand and mouth puppets.  These puppets are the ones they will be using on stage for their performance.  The puppets must be sewn together, so I will do that today.

The puppets I’m covering with the kids are marionettes, hand, mouth and rod puppets, shadow puppets, finger puppets, and sock puppets.  The students will be making every type and will be able to take them home at the end of camp.

Since I am all about using up my supplies to make room in my work space, I have dragged all my puppet making materials over to the school, where we are holding the theatre camp.  And that experience has led me to my next post…

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