Goofy Dog, Vet Visit, and Creating

Our youngest dog, Chewy-short for Chewbarka, came in the house with a pink, elevated spot on his muzzle.  Our youngest son noticed it and when I checked it out, I thought it looked like it had a “head” on it.  I pinched lightly and released a bit of fluid.  I swabbed the area very well with hydrogen peroxide and made an appointment with the vet.

Today we arrived at our appointment.  Chewy was so excited to be in the company of other critters!  As we entered he lifted his leg and began piddling while running inside the lobby on the remaining three legs.  I glanced behind me and there the event was happening-all over the tiled floor.

The other pet owners present thought this was adorable!  Chewy is a Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix.  He looks alot like this:

I guess the balancing, running and piddling was quite a sight to see.

And Chewy “sings”.  He makes guttural, whiny noises deep in his throat when he’s telling you something.  (When our youngest son comes home from work, Chewy jumps up on the table beneath the window and “sings” to Evan until he comes in the house.)  Well, Chewy was singing his little heart out at the vet.  There were so many new friends to make there.  There was a huge dog of unknown breed waiting at the counter with his owner.  He began to sing right back to Chewy.  It was a symphony!

Then, later, a Cocker Spaniel, a Japanese Chin, and an injured duck arrived for Chewy’s enjoyment.  It was a thrilling day for the little guy, let me tell you.

The spot on his muzzle turned out to be a zit.  It had greatly reduced in size by the time we had our appointment, and was looking very good.  Healing nicely-and Chewy received a smilie face on his paperwork.  He had a blood draw, all his shots updated since we were there anyway, and he had his nails trimmed.  The whole visit took 10 minutes tops.

On the way out, I was waiting to pay my bill.  In walked an older lady-but absolutely lovely.  Striking gray hair, styled in a deliberately casual summer “do”, very high quality clothing and shoes, and a stylish but refined handbag.  Everything about this lady screamed wealth and class.  I can easily imagine the Kennedy ladies would dress in a very similar manner.

In her hand was a ziplock bag with a stool sample from, I would imagine, a fairly large dog.

There she waited, calmly and serenely in this loud, pet filled room holding a bag of dog poop.

The sight was incongruous, to say the least.

Today’s creative efforts involved watercolor painting, organization and dumping things.  Here’s what I did:

I made 10 watercolor cards, had oldest daughter take pictures of my process (and of me) for an application I am filling out, I packaged several more pieces of jewelry which have completely dried, I made three art journals, and I cleaned the area around my work table, cleared/cleaned the table itself, and cleaned a rolling storage cart (with four drawers) which my husband found at a yard sale for five dollars.  I plan to put all my packaging items into this unit.  I will be able to keep everything together, handy for quick access, which can then be rolled out and stored in the back room-rather than here in my workroom.

I have yet to find my tote with my bead making stuff inside.  It’s here somewhere-but I have not come across it yet.

The application I am filling out requires photos of my work space, my work-in-progress, me actually doing the work, and the finished piece.  While this is not usually a problem, I have mentioned my workroom is overrun with stuff right now.  It is unfit for view by anyone.  So I have decided to include pictures from the last time I had it all cleaned and organized.  Here they are:

My workroom, cleaned and far emptier than it is now.

Well, I’m off to work on some more things.  I really want to get my work room back to this level of organization and cleanliness.  I’m gonna make it happen!

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