More Frugal, Creative Options

Art journaling is one of my passions.  I enjoy creating the journals from recycled materials and also adding unique details you cannot purchase in stores.  A recent discovery for me has been recycling playing cards.

This is an easy, readily available resource.  Everyone can usually find some playing cards around their home-most often missing some of the deck.  That’s fine!  You don’t need them all, just as many as you want to create your project.

I start by sanding the playing cards lightly with fine grit sandpaper.  There is often a shiny surface on the cards which makes it difficult for things to adhere to them.  Once I’ve sanded the cards I do any number of things to them:

  • gesso
  • decopauge
  • acrylic paints
  • markers and paint pens
  • punches
  • stamps and inks

There are so many options for your base layer on the cards.  Once the base layer is applied, just add to that.  One layer on top of the next, until you reach the point you feel the card is complete.

I use these cards as tags, punch a hole in the corner and add a ring to make a journal from several of them, cut them into die cuts, use as book marks, they can be used as Artist Trading Cards (although I have never actually done the ATC thing, this is an option), add as embellishments to an art journal or scrapbook page, use as packaging for jewelry -poke holes in them with your crocodile and hang earrings from them for display at your next craft fair, use as ornaments for your Christmas tree, there are so many options!

When I can use something that is going to be thrown out, it makes my day.  Decks of cards with some missing would count as trash.  I have enjoyed making these mini-works of art.  I hope you will as well.

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