Chinese Watercolors and Ink

I adore the look of Chinese watercolor and ink art.

I have purchased-ages ago-authentic Chinese watercolors and pens and ink.  I do not have a stone, but I do have some Chinese watercolor brushes.  My goal is to learn the art of Chinese watercolor.

Here is an example of the beautiful possibilities with these paints and inks, found here:

Gongbi Painting

Chinese Watercolor Painting

Such lovely paintings, such artistry.  It is truly awe-inspiring.

My watercolor paintings are very loose and free.  I let the paint do whatever it wants to do, I love the blooms and the wonderful way the water and paints meld together-or not-and create something unique and spectacular every time.

This art form is more controlled and much more deliberate.  Because I have fallen head-over-heals in love with watercolor, I am anxious to learn all the techniques I can.  This type of painting is filled with new techniques to try.





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7 Responses to Chinese Watercolors and Ink

  1. Jon says:

    nice… did you paint that one??


    • No, that was an example of brilliant painting. I am in the process of learning the techniques.


      • Jon says:

        Oh ok – do you have a good teacher?
        I published some sketch templates and a guide here:
        I’ve been helping start this business to supply the best quality authentic art materials and so now I am looking to compile information about good teachers around the world to advise our clients


      • I am following Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa and Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter. Lindsay is an outstanding watercolor teacher and Cinnamon is terrific with acrylics.

        I began in acrylics-I am a set designer/painter-but had some health issues this past winter. I had to be able to paint, so I started following both these ladies. Each is outstanding.
        Now I’m selling my artwork in a specialty shop in the next town over.


      • Jon, I just checked out your link. Beautiful! Neither Lindsay nor Cinnamon teach Chinese water color painting. I am working with the books I’ve purchase on these techniques.


      • Jon says:

        Ok thanks for the tips, yes I agree Cinnamon’s channel is great, shame she doesn’t have a twin covering oriental styles. If you are selling your art, you should also publish it on here?


      • That’s a thought. I had started out thinking I would do just that, but life got in the way. Then it just slipped my mind. I’ll look into it. Thank you for your suggestions.


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