Plein Air Painting with DIY Pochade Box

Today is the first day I had the opportunity to use my Pochade box I’m creating from this old wood “briefcase” type thing my dad gave me.

I filled a small cardboard box with things I thought I would need:

drawing pencils

colored pencils

watercolor pencils

pencil sharpener


ziplock bags



In addition to these items I included a collapsible easel, paints in a palette, brushes, a foamcore board for my paper, paper, water bottles, and paper towels.

Here’s the thing.  The box is tremendously heavy.  It’s not even close to full of stuff, yet it is burdensome to carry anywhere.  If I had a folding chair I could carry with me and a stand to set the box on that would be very helpful.  I would be able to take out what I need, shut the lid and use it as a table.

I successfully created 5 watercolor cards and a small painting.  The wind kicked in and the dirt was blowing around, so I packed it up.  It was really enjoyable painting flowers and other bits of nature in the outdoor setting.  I think I could really love it, once I work out the little quirks with my pochade box.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and were able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.



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