Concussion, Stomache ‘Flu’, and Memorial Tattoo

Last Thursday I was getting the dust mop out of the mudroom closet, not paying attention to anything other than freeing it from the clutter on the floor.  Apparently the handle hit the food processor which was on the shelf above me and knocked it off.  It landed with a fair amount of force upon my unsuspecting head.

Did you know you actually do see stars when something like that happens?  I had no idea.  But there they were, shooting around like a fireworks display.  Bright white/silvery stars.  Quite lovely, when I think about it now.  Quite disorientating when it happened.  I couldn’t figure out what had happened.  We pieced it together from the food processor laying on the floor, the broom knocked over and me with the large lump on my head.

We suspected I had a concussion, but since there is little they can do for a concussion I didn’t feel it was necessary to go in.  So we didn’t.

While recovering from the head bang, I came down with the stomach ‘flu’ my second daughter had the week before.  Feeling lousy anyway, then compounding it with a hideous bout of stomach ‘flu’, made for a wonderfully entertaining week.  Of course, I created tons of stuff-because I cannot just sit idle.

Then today arrived.  I made an appointment for a memorial tattoo for my brother 6 months ago-because Carissa at Crux Art is booked that far out.  Today was the day for my tattoo.

I have struggled with the tattoo.  I wanted it to be personal, unique, meaningful to me and uplifting.  Joyful, if possible.

This is what Carissa and I came up with:

20160707_145942 (2)

It is Jeff’s name, in his own handwriting, with a blue angel wing-and watercolor splotches  in pinks and purples all over the place.  Since Jeff’s death I have taken up watercolor, so I think that is a nice, personal, touch to the piece.  The angel wing is quite common, but the colors are not as common, which makes it more happy and joyful-rather than dark and forlorn.  Because Jeff was happy and joyful, and that’s how I choose to remember him.





























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