Jumpstart Creativity

Creativity seems to go in spurts for me.  I am crazy-creative for a time period, then it seems it all drys up and I have absolutely no ideas, no ambition, no creative juices flowing at all.  Dry as the Sahara Desert, I tell ya!

So I have a couple suggestions, should this happen to you.

I made some cards with ideas for things to do.  I have created 200 separate and unique ideas on 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 sized cards.  Each one is a technique or suggestion for a jump-off point to get me going.  Just a few ideas I had, during a very creative time when ideas are tumbling out one right after the other, for those times when I cannot think of what to do.

Keep a notebook or journal with you at all times.  I have one I carry with me in my purse, and it sits here with me as I work.  When an idea I don’t have time for now comes to me, I write it down/sketch it out.

This particular book has plain paper, lined paper and graph paper included in it.  I have the sketches with sizes, details I want to include in the project, possible materials to use, colors, anything that is important to the project that I will likely forget.  So, pretty much everything is written down in detail for me.  You may not need details, just a few words might work for you.

I have a Pinterest page where I have put a bunch of pictures of things I like.  If I like it, I throw it in there.  This is to spark my creativity when I can’t think of anything.  I will look through those pictures and try to figure out exactly why that piece spoke to me.  What was it about that particular artwork that drew me in?  Can I create something using that technique, or color or material?

Sometimes I just clean my workroom.  I re-organize, try to find additional storage, etc.  In that process I usually come across a material or product I haven’t used in awhile, something I forgot I had, something that inspires me to make something.  This is always my last resort, as I mentioned, I have storage issues.  To clean means to make a bigger mess before it gets better.  And to be perfectly honest here, I don’t think I can squeeze another inch of storage from this space.

Okay, maybe an inch or two…


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