Today I went to my niece’s open house for her high school graduation.  While there, I was talking with my dad.

He and Mom are having some work done on their new place and had their builder, Paul, over to check things out.  Paul is a former neighbor of ours, when we lived next door to my Grandpa and Grandma’s farm.  My parents built their house on the water (Paul was their builder) and moved from our house in that neighborhood.  Paul continued to live just around the corner from our old house there.  Grandma and Grandpa had sold their farm several years before my parent’s move and the new owners did extensive renovation to the farm, making it truly stunning.

Paul mentioned he had been asked to check out the farm for repairs.  Apparently the owners had let their daughter live in the farm house and she turned the place into a meth house.

Yes.  I said a METH HOUSE.

My Grandpa and Grandma’s home where they raised six children.  The home of so many of my childhood memories.  Made into a meth house.

And in such a beautiful neighborhood.  The houses there are all very expensive and well maintained.  The farm was the smallest of the homes on the street, but it was always pristine.  The reason there are so many homes there now is because Grandpa sold the farm and it was subdivided.

Paul, as I mentioned, still lives in the neighborhood.  He said he noticed things were “funny” there.  Cars parked willy-nilly everywhere, some almost to the road.  That’s significant because the farm is way back off the road.  There would be all kinds of activity there during the night, but very little activity there during the day.  A lot of traffic to the house-which is very odd given it’s rural location.

Apparently the owner-whether a new owner or the original, I don’t know-wanted Paul to just slap some cosmetic stuff to the place to get it looking alright.

The farm house has been utterly destroyed.  Paul said he just walked in and started looking around-without touching anything at all-and racked up $40,000.00 in repairs just glancing around.  The owner said well can’t you just make it look alright?  Paul said, “No.  It should be leveled and you should start over.  There is no way to repair this place cheaply.  It would be more cost effective to demolish it and begin again.”  And he left.

I’m not even sure you can legally go into a place like that and work on it.  It’s toxic.  I think you have to have a haz-mat crew in there before you can do anything at all.  The owner has a real mess on his hands, that’s for sure.

My heart is broken, thinking of the farm and how hard my Grandparents worked on that place.  Breaks my heart, I tell you.


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