Beads! I must make BEADS!

Do you have something you do when you need to relax?  I roll beads.  I make paper beads to relax, relieve stress, find my happy place…

So, for reasons that are utterly unimportant, I felt the need to create paper beads.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I keep my materials and tools necessary for a particular job all together in one tote, cheap plastic “shoe box”, a ziplock bag, whatever.  It’s always all together for easy access, easy carrying and easy storage.

I cannot find my bead making tote!  It is a clear pink tote with a darker pink top.  It is labeled.  It is in this room somewhere.

Does anyone see it?

I have been ripping this place apart and cannot find it.  This, of course, makes the need to bead that much worse.

So I have created my own beading tool and am improvising with my adhesive.  This is not my preferred adhesive, but it will do.  The tool is created this way:

Take a bamboo skewer and cut it in half with your x-acto knife.  I also cut off the pointed tip on that half piece and create two tools at one time.  Using your x-acto knife carefully-and I really mean this sincerely-cut the end in half length wise.  Go down from the end about an inch or an inch and a half with the split.  You now have a bamboo skewer split at the end.

I use an emery board to sand down the rough edges of the split pieces as well as the end of the skewer where I hold the stick.  You can now thread your paper into the split where the two pieces of wood will hold the paper securely while you roll it.  Once you get to the end of the paper, put a dab of your adhesive on the end and roll the end around and around until the paper is stuck down securely.  Remove your bead from your beading tool and make the next one.

The paper I made earlier is making beautiful beads and I am relaxing even now.  Sometimes we just have to improvise in life.

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