Organization, it ROCKS!

Part of my problem is I have stuff everywhere and can’t find what I need when I need it.  So I have begun the monumental task of clearing out, cleaning up and organizing everything in my work room.

It is a daunting challenge, to say the least, as there is only a pathway to walk through right now.  Today I organized some patterns-my own creations which I had strewn about the place.  This did not make a huge dent in the vast amount of stuff everywhere, but now I have a nice tiny area where my patterns are labeled, categorized, and in order.  The smallest ones fit in the 1×2″ storage boxes from Dollar Tree.  You get two for a buck.  Four of those fit into a container with a lid.

These four little boxes and the larger box cost a total of 3 bucks.  Pretty good deal, I thought.

These are fantastic storage solutions, they stack upon themselves beautifully, hold a surprising amount of stuff and look neat and tidy on the shelf or bookcase.  I have eight of the larger boxes holding four smaller boxes each.  Four of the large boxes hold my hand made beads, but I have so many more of those to glaze I will need at least double that amount to hold the rest of them.  I separated the beads by colors and/or by paper type.  Because I like to decorate my beads, some are waiting for that step and are in boxes labeled that way.

I also bought 20 “shoe box” plastic totes from Walmart a while back for .69 cents each. Maybe more than 20, I can’t remember right now it was several months ago.  Those fit on my book case shelves 5 wide and double stacked.  There is several inches left above the top of the second box, but not enough to fit a third.  Another great storage solution for smaller items.  I use those to hold my bottles of beads, cut up pieces to create doll furniture and accessories, watercolor paint tubes, recycled materials, puppetry materials, small tools, glue sticks, kids colored pencils and crayons, kids art supplies, small ink pads and stamps, etc.

When I put a project away, I make sure I have everything included in the project so when I pull it out I can jump right in to it without having to hunt for anything.  This means I have a scissors, pencils, glue sticks, tape, whatever is necessary for that project packed up with it.  Yes, this meant I had to buy $25.00 worth of three dollar scissors at Walmart and the industrial sized carton of glue sticks and tape, but for me it’s worth it.  I can grab what I want to work on, jump right in knowing everything is all there.  I work on the project until I am finished or bored with it, clean it up and put everything back into the storage I have chosen for that project.  Whether that’s in one of the kids old backpacks, a cardboard box, or a .69 cent plastic “shoe box” from Walmart.  Then next time I want to work on that particular thing it’s-again-all ready for me to do.

While this isn’t the most exciting or fun post, it is really nice to see a neatly organized place in this chaos.  Although it took the better part of the day to do, it still feels like I accomplished something productive.  Beside that:

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

I took a bite.



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One Response to Organization, it ROCKS!

  1. I love buying organisational things! Tidy things tidy minds! LOL


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