Enamel Dots, Success at Last!

I think I should begin by saying I am tenacious.

I had to pick up adhesive yesterday at Micheal’s.  While there, I noticed Perler beads in a 1000 piece package for 2.99.  They are the kind with sparkle in them, which I could not resist.

$2.99 and three hours later, I am thrilled to announce SUCCESS has been achieved!

We have melted Perler beads, people!  They are adorable little dots with a hint of sparkle.

Here’s how I did it:

Turned on fan.  Pre-heated oven.   Set temperature at 350 degrees.

Placed a sheet of folded parchment paper upon my jellyroll pan.  (This doubled the parchment paper, but I found this was unnecessary in later batches.  A single sheet of parchment paper works great.)  I set the beads-with the hole upright-about 1/4 of an inch apart from each other, although you could go a bit closer if you really wanted to pack them in.

I did a test batch first.  I placed 5 of each color in a group around the parchment paper.  I wanted to see if there was a difference in melt time and spread.  The purple seems to melt a bit slower than the other colors, FYI.

I placed the pan in the center of the center rack and set the timer for 5 minutes.  I checked them every 5 minutes until they were properly melted.

The end time for the beads to be in the oven was 15 minutes.  This resulted in a fairly consistent melt.  These beads may be the mini ones, since they are quite small, but since I have never used Perler beads before they might be normal size…

Observations:  I had used pony beads the first time around with disastrous results.  I have since heard there could be problems melting old beads over fresh ones.  I have no idea how old the camo ones were, but they did not respond positively to being melted in my oven.  They were not Perler beads either.  Just some kid beads I had a bunch of.  I also noticed if I didn’t let them cool long enough the parchment paper sheet came up with the dots.  Let them cool completely before removing your dots.

After melting half the bag of Perler beads, I was so sick of setting these tiny little beads up on my jellyroll pans, I quit.  Several times I had them all lined up beautifully but when I picked up the pan it twisted and they all went flying all over the place.  Frustration thy name is setting-up-tiny-little-Perler-beads-for-melting!

There has to be a better way to say that.

Anyway, the results are in and I have 500 or so little melted dots.  Which are cute and I will no doubt use them somehow.  I am not sure how, but that’s fine.  The entire 1000 won’t fill up this 1″ by 2″ storage box I picked up from Dollar Tree.  So storage isn’t an issue.  I will keep the remaining unmelted beads in a zip-lock bag for freshness, should I ever decide I need more of these little melted mounds.

But, honestly, I think I’m good.

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