Pochade Box, Con’t.

Last night we were in Meijer’s and they were having a huge sale on inexpensive art supplies, craft items and sewing stuff.

I found several items that will work well in my Pochade box!

A small white, plastic easel which is used to hold directions for needle crafters.  It folds flat, opens easily, is light-weight and will hold a small canvas without problems.  There were sets of art supplies-I found a Royal Langnickle watercolor set with 12 watercolor pencils, a brush, 6 1/2 pans of paint and a double pencil sharpener for 4.99.  I found Prang colored pencils-a set of 24-for 5.99.  A set of 24 Royal Langnickle colored pencils for 4.99.  A three hole pencil sharpener from Faber Castell for 3.99.

I’m off to work, but I will post all the cool stuff and more information on the progress I’m making on the box.

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