It Is Finished!

My parents are all moved in!

We had two men and a large moving van come and move all their stuff over to the new house on Wednesday.  My parents slept in their new home Wednesday night.

Bright and early Thursday morning we were back at their other house and packed up all their clothes, the stuff that wouldn’t fit in the moving van, and we cleaned the house after we had it completely emptied.

Then, once I took pictures of the empty place, we were back to their new home and unpacked the three vehicles and continued to unpack boxes.  My uncle and aunt came back and were a huge help.  Uncle Don cut a shelf for the armore, and the holes in the back to thread the wires for the T.V., DVD player and sound system.  The armoire is an antique from my Grandma.  I have loved it since I was a child and it is wonderful to see it in it’s newest form as an entertainment center in my parents new livingroom.

The doors of the armoire are lovely.    Uncle Don removed the doors and those will be attached to the wall, flanking it on either side, to give it more presence.  They each have a large carved Oak leaf at the top part of each door panel, with the lower part lattice.  They were once glass, but Mom replaced that with the lattice.  The color was an olive green, which Mom painted a buttery yellow and antiqued.  It is just charming. Grandma had altered the piece several times prior to Mom’s changes, just in case someone is freaking out about altering an antique.  The bottom is a separate piece, very heavy and solid with two large drawers.  There is hefty molding around the top of the armoire, and Mom could put a drap-ie plant or something up there.

Dad mowed his lawn yesterday afternoon and it was great!  It took a fraction of the usual time and was flat!  Isn’t that amazing?  For the first time in years he could just sit on his riding lawn mower and go.  No weed-wacking on a slope, no work on the waters edge, no problems with the other side of the property and the creek over there.  (That’s right-they were on the water on two sides of their property…I forget that because of the “big water” in the front, but the side of their place had a large creek that fed into the lagoon.)

I hope they have many, many healthy and happy years in their new home!


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