Relay For Life!

Ten Thousand Dollars!!!

Our family raised over $10,000.00.

Just OUR family.

Isn’t that amazing?!?

Our goal was $1000.00 and we raised $10,000.00.

This has been an emotionally difficult week.  My parents are moving from their house, it was my late uncles birthday (he died the day before Jeff), and of course Jeff’s death from cancer and this whole cancer fund raiser event…Very much an emotional rollercoaster ride for me.

The actual total just in is:  $10,699.27!

The amount raised for the event was over $100,000.00!  With 32 teams participating in the event, I thought that was a pretty good amount.

One team was Roller Derby women, and I have to say they kind of scared me a little bit.  They were doing twirly things and jumping over each other and spinning each other around in circles all over the place.  Then I saw one face plant right in front of me and that really scared me.  They weren’t wearing helmets, or pads or any type of protective gear.  Just their skates and a jersey over bike shorts.

One of our kids friends had been killed in a bike accident when the kids were younger and after that I became “safety mom”.  They were all decked out in safety gear, let me tell you!  To see these adult women roller skating without any, well, it freaked me out a little bit.  Their head is as fragile as anybody else.  To land on it can really cause serious injury, permanent brain damage, even-as we unfortunately know-death.

It’s also a poor example for all the kids who were there watching these ladies goofing around like that.

You would think they would know better than that.

Later I noticed the face-planter sitting with ice on her knees and elbows.  In fact, after she fell all the skaters left the track.  I wonder if they were pulled?  She fell right in front of the organizers area.  Maybe they thought they were unsafe too.

I didn’t stay the whole time.  I wasn’t up to the Luminary Lap, where you carry lights for those who’ve died from cancer.  The survivors lap was tough enough for me, since Jeff didn’t.  Maybe I’ll make it all the way through next year, but it’s still to soon right now.



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