My heart-felt prayers go out to those who’ve lost loved ones to the senseless violence in Orlando.  Included in those prayers are those injured and those who experienced trauma from this hideous brutality.

Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for the loved ones of those killed.  Having just lost my uncle and only brother (and sibling) six short months ago, the grief they are, and will be, experiencing is still very real for me.  I also think having the loss happen so suddenly and without any warning makes it more difficult to process and heal from.

Dear Lord,

Please up lift those who have experienced the loss of their loved ones in this horrible tragedy.  Please carry them gently in Your arms as they travel this difficult road.  Give them the strength they need to get through their days and nights, and help them through their grief.  Show them Your love through the people around them, and give each one some form of comfort during these very trying times.

Please heal those injured and traumatized by this event.  You are the Great Physician and through You all things are possible.  Heal those who need healing, comfort those who grieve, bring our nation together for greater understanding and love for our fellow man, protect us all from these acts of violence and guide our steps each day.

In Your Name we pray,


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