Gardens are all IN! Finally!

Tomorrow is the Relay for Life event for cancer.  Our family goal was to reach $1000.00.  The last time I was updated we were close to six thousand dollars!!!  My Uncles Marve and Gene and my dear brother Jeff are pretty excited, I’m sure.  They are smilin’ down on us today!

So because tomorrow is a huge day, I had to get the rest of the plants in today.  And I have to get all my stuff together for face painting, which I will be doing at the event.  Oh, and I have to gather all my stuff I have to sell there.  Apparently you can sell stuff to people at this thing, which is cool.

The yard looks great!  The hard work is worth it.  It’s so uplifting to have beautiful flowers everywhere!

And I love to look out and see a lush vegetable garden highlighted by snowy white sheets waving lazily on the clothes line.  That just calls out for a cold glass of lemonade to sip while gently rocking on the porch swing.  Brings back memories of my delightful childhood.  Hopefully we’re creating wonderful memories for our children and grandchildren as well.

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