After the disastrous enamel dots fiasco, I needed to redeem myself-DIY-wise.  So I made stamps.

Lots of them.

I cut shapes from fun foam-the thicker the better.  If you only have the very thin kind double or triple your shape.  I used corrugated cardboard as the base, covered it with cardboard from cereal boxes and hot glued the foam shapes onto that.  After I finished the stamp I hot glued two slightly smaller pieces of corrugated cardboard to the back side of the stamp.  This is for easy holding and applying even pressure during stamping.

The shapes are quite generic.  I have two large stamps covered with circles-one stamp with larger circles than the other stamp, one with varied sizes of squares, one with hearts, one with triangles, one with leaves, one with two borders and geometric shapes between them, and one is made of a cut-up rubber light up ball I found for a buck at Walmart.  It’s heavy duty rubber with an interesting raised pattern.  I cut the ball apart and glued the pieces to cardboard.  The pattern is really interesting.

So I created 8 very large patterned stamps with hot glue, fun foam and cardboard!  Practically free!  I had all the stuff on hand, so I just whipped them up a minute.

I’m back on my game, people!

Tomorrow:  shimmer paint and glitter Mod Podge!

Now Go forth and Create Frugally!

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