DIY Enamel Dots-Just Say NO!

Okay, so I make art journals.  Lots and lots of handmade art journals.  I make them to sell and have been creating like a crazy woman lately.  I saw Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter, mentioning how she decided to make a different type of enamel dots because she had failed miserably at the melting enamel dots…

Oh, that I had listened to the wise and wonderful Lindsay!  But NO-I had a ton of pony beads which I rarely use and thought-why not?

Why not indeed?

Horrible experience!

First, the temperature of my oven may be off.  WAY off, if the burned parchment paper is any indication.  Second, my bake sheets are actually jellyroll pans not cookie sheets and when they heat they twist part way through the baking process, tossing all the beads into a pile in the middle of the sheet.   Third, if you have baked your melting beads to long on the parchment paper they will adhere to the parchment paper and you have to “roll” them on something scratchy to remove the parchment from the outside edges of the dot.  Forth, they don’t melt evenly.  Some are very large and thin and some are not fully melted and still have the dimple in the middle of them. Fifth, the smoke and stench from the burnt first batch is still heavy in the house-in spite of all the fans running and having the windows and doors all open.

So, what is the upside of this experience?  I now know never to do this again, which is a valuable lesson I think.  And part of the DIY experience is sharing both the successes and the failures of the projects.  I say this was a resounding failure.

Not that they were all bad.  The last three batches turned out pretty well, almost spot on to be honest.  But the four batches before that were nightmarishly awful.  And to be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea what I will do with these little melted disasters.  They are all camo colors, which is probably why I had so many of them unused in the first place, and I have about 500 or so melted dot-to-dime sized disks (or whatever you call them).

Life lesson:  Just because you can, does not mean you should.

Those little pony beads were hurting nothing just sitting there minding their own business, and I went ahead and melted them causing a noxious smoke cloud to billow from my oven.

Just say NO to DIY melting enamel dots.

Oh, you can think about it.

But DON’T do it.



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