Tough Couple of Days

My parents are moving.

From their house on the water to a house in town.  (Or our tiny version of a town anyway.)  And it is surprisingly difficult.

Neither Jeff nor I ever lived in this house with our parents, so there are no memories of our childhood there.  There are still plenty of family memories shared in that house and now we’re leaving it and going to a place he’s never been.  We will never have memories of Jeff in the new house because he’s no longer with us.  And  this hurts me.

A lot.

It shouldn’t.  It’s just a house.  Walls and doors and windows.  He’s not there.  He’s in heaven.  Our family is broken.  We have a hole in it that can never be filled, will never be filled, and will always ALWAYS ache.  A house isn’t going to change that or fix it.

But packing up these memories it tough going.  Yesterday my mom handed me a blown glass apple.  With tears in her eyes she said “Wrap this one carefully would you?  It was a gift from my son.”  I’ve been trying so hard to pack up the really tough stuff for them, so they won’t have to, but there is no way to do it.

Mom was going through her recipes-while she and my oldest daughter were “taking a break” LOL- and she came across one that said Jeff really loves this one or something like that.  Mom mentioned you can be going along alright and then all of a sudden something just kicks you in the guts all over again…Which is so true.

This Saturday is the Relay for Life walk for cancer research.  Our team has been working tirelessly to raise money for this very worthy cause, and we continue to do so.  This, too, is an emotionally charged thing for me.  My brother, uncles, cousin, and Father-In-Law are dead.  My other uncle continues to fight for his life against this disease.

Cancer has caused so much anguish in our lives.  It is truly an instrument of evil.  We must do everything possible to fight it.  If you are willing and able to donate to a very worthy cause, please consider  The American Cancer Society.  This organization is dedicated to providing support to all those touched by this disease.  Not just those who are ill, but their caregivers too.

And if you’re in the neighborhood, drop in Saturday.  I’ll be painting faces!



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