Gardening and Are You Kidding Me?

So after a busy day of packing my parents stuff up, we had to get the garden in.  We have been putting it off-I never put a garden in before Memorial Day-because of the scary fox running around.  But we cannot wait any longer.

Anthony wanted a garden, he promises he will try the food we grow.  (He’s autistic and we have food “issues” let’s just say).  When he said that, he and I went and bought seeds.  He threw everything his hands could grab into the cart. ” Everything green and a grape” was what he wanted.

Man, did we buy everything green.  I started some of the seeds indoors-naturally-and they began very well.  Unfortunately, my oldest daughter thought she would help and put them outside in the sun.  It was far to cold for the tender plants to be outside yet, and they didn’t make it.  But we did not share that with the little ones, and they’ve continued to water them happily, joyously and with great enthusiasm each and every day.

So last night was the night.  I have planted many a garden.  I have picked, weeded, cleaned, canned, frozen and even dried the stuff from the garden.  I don’t like gardening.

Yes, in spite of being the daughter of farmer, granddaughter of a farmer, great-granddaughter of a farmer, and on and on we go-I HATE it!

Only for my precious Anthony would I ever put in another garden.

So I planted a huge garden last night after an exhausting day, both physically and emotionally.  And Anthony was having a lousy day himself with meltdown after meltdown and would not participate in the planting of the garden in any way.  Are you kidding me?  This was all for him!  Leah helped plant some flowers, she held onto the seed packets for me as the wind was howling last evening, then got sick of it and ran off.  Leaving me there to plant the stupid thing alone.

In annoyance.

But it is finally in.  The rows will not be straight, as the wind was blowing so hard the seeds kept flying out of my hand.  But I tried to get them as straight as possible, given the lousy conditions.  Nothing annoys me more than crooked rows in a garden.  I have no idea why.  But a garden should have perfectly straight rows and be spaced far enough apart so you can run the rototiller through them.  That way you only have to weed the actual part that is the row of vegetables.  Keeps everything beautifully neat and tidy.

Today I must buy the plants for the garden and flower beds.  If they have anything left…


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