Pochade Box

I have been trying to figure out a way to make my own Pochade Box.  My parents are moving and my dad gave me a wood attache-type box with a sturdy handle.  Inside is a plexiglass compartment, a hinged wood piece to hold things in place and a couple wood pieces which seem to be there to hold something.  I have no idea what the box was for originally.

The name on the inside of the box is



It’s a gorgeous, well made box and I am confident it will work well for a Pochade.  The dimensions are 17 1/2″ by 13 1/4″ by 4″ in depth.  That is the interior measurement.  The wood is 1/2″ thick.  It has a piano hinge and has a brass (?) piece surrounding the exterior on both parts.  There are four metal peg feet at the bottom of the case.  It’s stunning workmanship.  Truly.

I will post my “new” Pochade when I have it finished.

I’m so excited!

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One Response to Pochade Box

  1. Josipa'S Art says:

    Great! Looking forward to see what will it look like


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