Still doin’ that Frugal Thing

So I offered a challenge awhile ago about using up our stuff.  So far, I am doing quite well with it.  I am using up stuff I have, getting rid of stuff I won’t ever use and/or don’t want to do, and I still have no room in here!


This is what my work room used to look like when I could drag a leg through it. Now it is an absolute disaster! I am ashamed to post a photo of it, it is that bad!

So I made storage units from foam core this morning.  They are made from a pattern my late father-in-law used to make these little wood boxes to hold his various small nails, screws, etc.  I copied the sizes of each piece and then made a pattern from that which I transfered to two pieces of Dollar Tree foam core.  I think-if I counted correctly- you will be able to get 10 of these boxes from two sheets.

Each box takes 5 pieces.  Two sides, one bottom, one back and one front.  The measurements-which I tried to make exact-still needed to be trimmed a little when I put them together.  So I would keep your x-acto knife or scissors with you as you assemble them.  I hot glued the pieces together, then ran an extra bead of glue on the inside of each box where the pieces meet.  I did all this on a heat resistant pad which I found at Walmart (called an oven cleaner shield or something like that) and it worked perfectly.  The hot glue peeled right off with no problem at all.  For extra strength you can double the foam core-I would stagger where the joins are.  If you butt you back piece up to the inside of your side pieces and glue them, the next time cut the back piece larger and glue out side of the bottom and first side joins. Then attach the second set of sides to the longer back piece.  This way your glued joins will not be on top of one another and you will have greater stability and strength.

Another option is to cover your boxes with chipboard or cardboard from cereal boxes (or whatever recycling you have available) to add strength.  (You could even make the boxes from corrugated cardboard or heavier cardboard recycling if you don’t have any foam core.)  Putting tooth picks into the foam core and sliding the adjoining piece onto the toothpicks will also help for strength and durability.

I plan to wrap mine in contact paper.  I have a lovely black and white floral pattern I found at Dollar Tree and this will provide both strength and beauty to a plain storage solution.  Here are the dimensions for the boxes:

Bottom: One per box   4 1/4″ by  5 3/4″

Sides:  Two per box  6″ by 4″.  I made a mark at 2 1/2″ (from the bottom on the 4″ side) and at 2″ from the front (on the 6″ side).  I drew a line from one to the other using a ruler and cut that triangular piece off each side piece for all the boxes I made.

Back:  One per box    4″ by 4 1/2″

Front:  One Per Box    2 3/4″ by 4 3/4″

These little storage boxes stack neatly one on top of the other or you can place them on shelves with a piece of foam core or cardboard between the rows, if you prefer.  They are very handy little things to have around and cost next to nothing to make.

Check back often for more inexpensive storage and organization ideas.

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