Root Canal

I had an emergency root canal yesterday.  Not fun, but way better than any dental appointments I’ve had in the past.  First, this oral surgeon took the time to actually numb me completely.  Which was made more difficult because my roots run- not down from the teeth like normal people but – up and around.  So on the roof of my mouth and under my tongue.  He used 5 different sets of injections over an hour long time period to get me completely numb.

He asked if I was cold, because I was shaking like a wet Chihuahua.  I have had hideous experiences with dentists and my anxiety is well founded.  I was not cold, but waiting for the excruciating pain I always feel when they work on my teeth, because they never get it numb.  It is always quite numb on the surface, but the second they start to drill, BAM!  They hit nerves that are as wide awake as they come. Which causes me to suffer and try to hold still, because every one of them have told me I am completely numb and I am not feeling anything.  (Yeah, right.  I know when I can feel you drilling in my teeth-I don’t care how much of that crap you’ve shot in my mouth.  It IS NOT NUMB!)  We now have a reason for this-my teeth have roots that grow in the wrong way leading to injecting through tendons.  Thank the Lord this guy knew that and actually did numb me.  I was so thankful there was no pain, I actually cried with relief.  I’m sure they think I’m the biggest wimp they’ve ever had in their office, but who cares.  I know what I’ve been through and I know how much pain I endure each and every day.

I have been creating things non-stop!  Last week I thought I’d try creating my own fabric from paper.  Here’s the link to that tutorial:  Construction Paper Fabric .

I found the process to be somewhat lengthy and the end results less than satisfying for the amount of money spent on the supplies needed to create the fabric.  I have other, much more frugal, ways to create a “fabric” to use in my art journals.  I did, however, create several sheets of construction paper designs I had planned to make into the fabric.  Since I only turned one of the many construction paper sheets into fabric before deciding the effort was not worth the results, I have many, many colored/painted/sprayed/whatever sheets of construction paper which are for the most part unusable in other projects.

Until something occurred to me this morning!  Cut up these sheets of paper into strips and make paper beads out of them.

They are lovely!  And so quick and easy to create.  I have Dollar Tree containers filled with my handcrafted paper beads.

Because I used oil pastels on the paper they will be more difficult to use in other applications, unless you seal them.  Which is why paper beads are so wonderful because they are sealed anyway.  The resulting beads have delighted me.  I will post pictures of them once they’ve dried.

I also made an affirmation tree from clay.  Here’s the link to that tutorial:  Affirmation Tree.

This is a Jenniebellie tutorial, and she’s one of my favorite you-tubers.  I just love her channels and I am on her site often.  I encourage you to check her out.  Another of my favorite on-line people is Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter. 

I have taken her watercolor lessons and ran with them.  I had never tried watercolor until this past January, following Jeff’s passing.  I found Lindsay online during one of my I-can’t-sleep-no-matter-what-I-do nights.  I have been going through her tutorials and have developed a love of all things watercolor!  I hope to sell some of my paintings and cards for our Relay for Life fundraiser for cancer research.

So I am continuing my work on art journals, paintings, organization and anything else I think might sell.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.





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