Things created so far today:



Well, so far I’ve finished an art journal, did a background page in my bible journal (for the class I teach), made 10 multi-media tags, finished an art journal cover, fought with my computer over printing my class materials for tomorrow night’s class, made a jar to hold an abundance of wood beads, and made a small storage unit from a recycled cardboard box and foam core.

The welcome signs are waiting for me to sell later on.  Each was made with recycled materials found around the house.  I have made several painted pages for art journals as well as a very interesting cover made from tissue paper.  These are drying and I will post pictures later.

Hopefully you are joining me in the “Bust My Stash” challenge and have been using up things you have around your house.  Please feel free to add your own ideas and suggestions to the challenge.  We are going to make so much stuff it will boggle our minds!  I am anxious to have plenty of space to work and the only way that will happen is if I clear out my stash of stuff.

I’ll post more creations tomorrow!  Happy creating everybody!


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