Mother’s Day!

Today is a rough one, the first Mother’s Day since Jeff’s passing.  Made worse since I thought Mother’s Day was NEXT Sunday rather than this Sunday.  I suppose that is because we’ve had two very busy weekends in a row with college graduations and it slipped my mind.  Nevertheless, I was unprepared for Mother’s Day being today.

I always get my MIL a hanging plant.  Every single year.  I don’t know why, but that’s what we do.  This year we gave her a hanging Bleeding Hearts basket.  Lovely.

When my parents built their new house on the water, I bought Mom a beautiful flowering Cherry tree.  It was truly spectacular.  Then it was struck by lightening.  Now it is coming back, but it is a bit less impressive than it had been.  They have sold that home and have purchased another one in town.  (They had been planning to sell it before Jeff’s passing, this isn’t a surprise or anything.)  Since they are moving-they have both homes inspected tomorrow-I will be giving her another flowering Cherry tree for their new yard.  In the mean time I created a welcome sign for their new entry way.  Here it is:Mom's Mother's Day Ceiling Fan Welcome Sign. 2

I’m making a few more to sell, but this one is for Mom.  It turned out cute, and I’m quite pleased with it.  I wish I were a better photographer, but it is what it is.

Hope all the Mom’s out there are having a great Mother’s Day.  Enjoy yourselves and don’t forget to let the family wait upon you hand and foot!




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