Frugality and A Challenge!

As I mentioned, I have become a working artist-creating all sorts of things.  Which leads me to my challenge:  Use up what I have before I purchase more!

My challenge, and yours too should you choose to accept it, is to spend nothing on supplies to create my artwork.

This obviously wouldn’t include things like adhesives, etc.  Those things are used in nearly all my work and will have to be replaced as I use them up.  I’m talking about other non-essentials like new stamps, markers, pastels, fabrics, stencils, paper packages, etc.  My goal is to use everything in my workroom stash before I go out and purchase more.

The reason for this is two-fold:

1.  I have way to much stuff and have to use it up simply to clear space in my workroom.  Things are so bad in here I have a small pathway from the door to my work desk where I can walk, otherwise I have totes filled with stuff stacked everywhere.  ENOUGH!  Use it up or donate it.  I have to have space to create and I will have it, one way or the other.

2.  Cost.  The cost of my stash boggles my mind.  I have jewelry making stuff, puppet making stuff, art journal making stuff, painting stuff, scrapbook stuff, miniature stuff, bead making stuff, Bible journaling stuff, stamps, fabric, patterns, buttons, sewing machines, ribbon, flower making stuff, inks and dyes, etc.  That’s just some of the stuff I can see while sitting here typing this post.  There is so much more in the other room…

And I won’t use it up unless I make a serious decision to do just that.  So, here is my challenge to me and to you:


Purchase nothing-except essentials like adhesives-until the first of the year.  This won’t be easy.  Especially since I ordered from Dick Blick last night and have so much more on my wish list…but it’s a challenge worth doing.  If I can create and sell my artwork using what I already have on hand, I will:

1.  Become a better artist by using my creativity and ingenuity.

2.  Save money for those things that I really want or need.

3.  Create space in which to work.  Freedom from clutter will enhance my work space, my mental health and my artistic pursuits.

4.  Prove to myself I have the internal strength and fortitude to stop buying art supplies!  This is my weakness.  I love the rush I get from a delivery of new art supplies!  It’s so great to open the packages and caress the pencils, paints, brushes, papers, etc.  My current love is pan pastels, but I will resist the urge to purchase them!!! I have soft pastels galore, so there is no need for pan pastels right now.  But I want them!!!

If you are interested in joining me in this challenge, let me know!  I will be posting many DIY’s for creating your own art supplies, ideas on how to use what you have, recommendations for cheap art supplies, and my creations using what I have.  I will post tutorials as well, just so we can do these things together.

Now your stash won’t have everything mine does, and that’s alright.  We will make do and substitute supplies where needed.  Don’t stress!  This challenge will be fun and a wonderful way to stretch our creativity!  And I have every intention of banking the money I would have spent on supplies to use for something spectacular!

Let’s get started!

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