Evaluation and a New Direction

Many things have changed in my life this past winter.  Changes that I did not want or that I saw coming…But with change there is opportunity for growth and greater understanding of our fellow human beings.  Most of which are just doing the best they can in their life circumstance.

Some of the insights I have gleaned from this journey:

1.  Serve a higher power than yourself.  In my case it is Jesus Christ.  When we focus on the big picture, when we serve Christ with love and grace, when we act in ways that are selfless and giving, we become better people.  Happier people.  And we make our corner of the world a better place to be.  Find something that takes you out of your own little world and invest yourself in it.  A favorite charity, the arts, mentor kids, do something which brings you out of your comfort zone and into the world where life is happening.  You will be glad you did.

2.  Once you have your priorities in place (mine:  God, family and friends, everything else) then you can make decisions based on those priorities.  For example:  I have made the decision to become a working artist.  I have been creating things to sell at various venues and on line.  Once I made the decision, the pressure was removed.  It’s like I have already succeeded simply because I made the choice to invest myself fully in my art.

While this may sound silly to some, this was a huge breakthrough for me.  Because I have never quite found my niche’.  All of a sudden, when I made the choice, I have found where I belong.  Pressure is gone and creativity is overflowing.  It’s a beautiful thing.

3.  Figure out who you are.  This has been surprisingly difficult for me.  I am a people-pleaser and to think of myself is rather a foreign concept.  I have taken personality tests, aptitude tests, interest tests, etc. trying to get a handle on who I am and what I’m all about.  Journaling has become one of my ways to sort out some of these things.

4.  If I please God first, the next person in line should be myself.  I don’t have to be a self-centered ass, but it’s alright for me to say NO.  I should be as much a priority in my life as anyone else.  I don’t have to be a doormat or a martyr.  I don’t have to accept verbal abuse and insults.  I don’t have to be the person others laugh at and put down, just because they always have.  I am a person of great value and in God’s eyes I am exactly the person He wants me to be.  I am enough and worthy of respect.

These are just a few of the insights I have gathered over this extremely difficult winter.  And as time goes on, I expect I will discover more truths about who I am and what I’m all about.  Hope you hang around to enjoy this journey!



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